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Give Today.

Invest in Tomorrow

The Greenway Area Community Fund is invested. Each year, the endowment provides a portion of the earnings back to the Greenway Area. Because of you and your neighbors, this portion (dividend) can mean thousands of dollars that will support the Greenway Area every year.  The Advisory Committee understands the needs of our hometowns and directs those thousands of dollars back to the programs and projects that benefit the Greenway Area.

Give Today: What We Do

Greenway Area Community Fund at a Glance

The Greenway Area Community Fund account is managed by the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation. They offer us the expertise in investing and managing funds like ours, and they also assist with similar Community Funds for the Deer River, Nashwauk, Hill City, and Greater Itasca Areas. Interest generated by our invested endowment fund will be given back to the Greenway communities in the form of grants, with an emphasis on youth activities. It's an exciting opportunity for all of us to make a difference.

Give Today: Who We Are

Leave Your Legacy.

The Greenway Area Community Fund provides a way for local - and not so local - people to give back to the communities they love, whether in a current gift or through estate planning. Estate planning offers the older generation a way to leave a legacy to their community and the younger generation an option to acknowledge their family's roots with a lasting memorial.

General Bequest Language

"I give, devise, and bequeath to the Greenway Area Community Fund at the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation, the sum of $.... (or a description of a specific asset) for the benefit of the Greenway Area and its general purposes."

Bequest Information

For more information about Mandatory IRA Transfers, stocks, planned gifts, and more contact an Advisory Committee Member, your financial advisor, or the Community Foundation 218-999-9100.

Give Today: Programs
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